Tuesday, 22 March 2011


As opposed to his Swedish miniature version, Good ol' Original Jeeves is enjoying the first moments of spring. So we thought it fit to change to his summer wheel, courtesy of Anna, Mia's sister.

One happy driver

Yes, it might be a small thing to write about, but look how happy Jacqui is. Some things only the soft touch of a comfy steering wheel can achieve.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


There might be little signs of spring out there, with blossoms on the trees and occasional kisses of warm wind in the air, but winter is not over yet!  We received this image from snowy Sweden, showing the troubles of being a very small Jeeves in the claws of Father Frost.

Who forgot to change to winter tires?

This mini-Jeeves was built by Stefan, Mia's brother-in-law and is really being put to the test by the elements! We might send a 'Build-your-own-tow-truck' to save him!