Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I found this on the internet and just love it. Its not Jeeves, and i don't know who drew it, but it sums up everything we love about the Fairway.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


So we finally managed to install our newly purchased Battery Isolator Cut Off Switch that we wrote about in one of our previous blog posts. It was super easy so fix on to the battery, following the instructions that we also put up on that previous post and now it is bye bye to struggling with old rusty nuts and bolts that get stuck every time. The pleasure of switching the battery on and off by a simple turn of the dial is pretty amazing!

You just have to make sure the whole thing is screwed on nice and tight so that there is a good connection. Fingers crossed that Jeeves will be all good from now on!

Nice and tight

Friday, 7 October 2011


Last night was the 1st thursday of the month open studios on Vyner street in East London. Jeeves was there all ready to help with some cocktail making to support our friend Tim's art gallery opening.

It was a chilly night out but it didn't rain. We had a bit of bunting and a perfectly sized table to fit in between the two doors. This time we remembered to disconnect the battery whilst the doors were open so that we would not get stranded at the end of the night.

We had a nice menu of coctails, poster made by the wonderfully talented Mia Wallden. 

All three cocktails were a hit, but i must say that the highlight cocktail of the evening was definitely the earl grey gin one called 'The Thames'.

The previous weekend, Jeeves, Mia and I scounted around the charity shops of downtown essex to find the perfect glasses and tea cups fit for the occasion.

This is the gallery which was buzzing with activity on the night.

We drew in quite a little crowd with Jeeves the cocktail cab in full swing.

Watch out for us at future events on Vyner street.

Sunday, 2 October 2011


We had our battery die on us AGAIN after not driving Jeeves for a week. So as usual we called the AA out to help. This time, a young guy on a bike came out to help, he got the battery started without too much trouble but the best thing is that he told us to get this battery isolater cut off switch which would make it infinitely easier to disconnect the battery at a twist of a dial.

The isolater switch and my trusty spanner

For a very reasonable £4.99 (plus postage) we found this piece on ebay which we hope will make it much more likely to disconnect the battery. Even though we knew we should do it, we never really did. I'm about to go and install it now, so i'll write an update with the outcome.

The nice AA guy injecting some life into Jeeves

These are the simple instructions that come with the bit.