Friday, 5 November 2010


Richmond Park, south London

The autumn is here and the perfect time to get out of the city and smell some nature. Richmond Park felt like a good choice as it is Deer Rut season and we could see some stags prancing around the fields. We decided to go around and pick up a bunch of friends and have a picnic amongst the trees and the dog walkers. 

Mia with the appropriate chauffeur head gear

We drove down from Hackney across Tower Bridge, and made our way to Richmond Park. It was such a nice drive and we fitted everyone into the spacious belly of Jeeves. As we drove through the park there were hordes of deers, so we got out quota of wild-life-spotting filled.

The Deers of Richmond Park

It was also an opportunity to thank Michael and Claire, who came along on the first viewing of Jeeves to be moral support and lend their opinion on the purchase.

Michael, Sam, Catrin and Claire enjoying the passenger area

And yes, those are optics that you can see in the right hand side of the picture. The former owners left them from when they transformed the back of Jeeves into a small bar, and we found them quite handy for our passengers.

After arriving at the park, we even found a car park where everyone could have a little go at being a cabbie.

Milla is testing her knowledge, but Mia and Jacqui are blocking the drive way 

Handsome Jeeves in all his glory

We also got to use our folding picnic table. It fits perfectly in to the boot when folded up, but also fits in the back of the cab when set up for candle lit indoor taxi dinners.

A perfect autumn picnic

The taxi picnic cake made by Milla after Mia dropped the camera in it.

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