Tuesday, 21 December 2010


It was the friday night of one of those weekends when you just want to stay in.  We had been invited to a party which we were going to drive to later that evening. Mia was driving back from work and parked Jeeves in a spot across the road that should have been fine for the moment whilst we quicky got ready to go out... But, we didn't go out... Jeeves stayed there the night rather than being parked in his proper little house.

The next day was Saturday, and the flu hit bad, we were both feeling sick, Mia was tucked into bed most of the weekend with Mia-flu and I was quite happy to potter around and make hot drinks for the bed bound lady. That evening, I looked out the window to Jeeves but couldn't quite see him around the corner. We thought nothing of it and went to bed.

Saturday came and went... London was miserably cold. We stayed in.

Sunday came and went... London was miserably cold. We stayed in.

Monday came... I went to move Jeeves to his correct little parking space where he has to go during the week days.

No Jeeves to be seen. I stood in the street for a while half expecting him to appear. I ran back upstairs and said to Mia "Jeeves is gone", she laughed and said, 'ha ha thats funny, now can i have some lemonade" ... but he was. He had been taken by the council to the car pound. :(

I bundled poor Mia up as  I didn't have the courage to go by myself to this foreign nasty place to find Jeeves, whats more, we found out on the phone, that yes, they had him, but he would cost £340 to be released... and if we got there after 10.50am, it would go up to £380.

Oh dear, what has Jeeves been up to?

We found out that we had parked Jeeves in a spot which was fine for Friday and Sunday, but not Saturday. From Saturday morning, until Monday morning, he wasn't even there - across the road, but at Limehouse car pound hanging out with the other disfunctional cars... or dyslexic cars that can't read parking signs properly.

Let me out you bastards!
To be fair, the people who towed poor Jeeves away to the pound had a fairly slick operation. They lift up the cars up and place them on huge trucks for transportation without leaving marks.  But for £340, you would hope so! Waiting in the waiting room, we were also treated like hardened criminals, and a word of advice, don't try joking around with these people, becuase they are not having any of it!

Almost free!
We'd like to say that we learnt a lesson from the whole experience but to be honest Jeeves could have done with saving a bit of pocket money up before he decided to go and get banged up. And we  suppose you are not a proper London driver until you lose your car to a nasty money-making pound.

But, for all those black cab drivers out there, the lesson is that there is no special treatement for being a London icon, no-sir-ee, poor old Jeeves was in there with all the other late night ravers.

Free at last! i'm never going back in there again!
We all kept our cool and were philosphical about the whole experience. Jeeves now sleeps in his proper home and Mia and I read signs about 10 times before parking.

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  1. Oh the joys of living in london !.
    I'd be mortified if any one carted off my old taxi.I'm glad you got him back all in one piece.