Tuesday, 1 February 2011


This year Jeeves got special Christmas presents from his Swedish extended family who are very experienced with the trials and tribulations of sub-zero weather conditions. To say that these steering wheel covers have been life-changing would be an understatement. He is like a new taxi! We LOVE them!

Mia falling asleep at the sheepskin wheel

The product warning should read: "Beware: Drivers may accidentally fall asleep at the wheel"

Over the last few months Jeeves has been lucky enough to have a secure lock up, courtesy of Lee and Kathryn from the fabulous Lock 7 cafe in Broadway Market. They so kindly let us part Jeeves there whilst Mia and I get our act together and sort out some more permanent parking solution.

Jacqui modelling our summer steering wheel

As we mentioned earlier, we got a front passengers seat installed when we first got Jeeves, this was probably the best thing we ever did. This is me modelling what it would be like if the guys down at the taxi garage could also install an extra steering wheel. This would be extra helpful for the times when Mia falls asleep at the wheel.

The steering wheel cover is so soft and fluffy, who could blame her?
There she goes again. She works too hard!

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