Sunday 2 October 2011


We had our battery die on us AGAIN after not driving Jeeves for a week. So as usual we called the AA out to help. This time, a young guy on a bike came out to help, he got the battery started without too much trouble but the best thing is that he told us to get this battery isolater cut off switch which would make it infinitely easier to disconnect the battery at a twist of a dial.

The isolater switch and my trusty spanner

For a very reasonable £4.99 (plus postage) we found this piece on ebay which we hope will make it much more likely to disconnect the battery. Even though we knew we should do it, we never really did. I'm about to go and install it now, so i'll write an update with the outcome.

The nice AA guy injecting some life into Jeeves

These are the simple instructions that come with the bit.

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  1. I just ordered one of these from eBay - thank you for putting this info up!