Sunday, 24 April 2011


Here in London there has been such an amazing summer weather lately that you could almost think it is june already. But we are still in april, and with Easter coming up we thought it was high time for a spring clean.

We drove past the garage on Kingsland Road in Hackney and got an excellent hand wash and a very thorough vacuum and clean on the inside for £10. After a moment of worrying if it might be the dirt that kept some of poor old Jeeve's parts together, we saw that the guys were doing a really good job and it was like having a new car. He has never been this clean for as long as he has lived with us!

Getting a shampooing
Jacqui stayed put in the driver seat during the wash, but I had to jump out after discovering that the passenger seat door was a little less sealed than wanted, giving me a good shower too. 

Get all that dirt off me!
We were charged the same price as a 'normal' car even thought they would have charged a bit more for a 4x4 or similar size. So we were very happy about that! One of the very helpful guys even got the 'tire-shine' out for us as a final touch.

Jacqui has been caught in the shower

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