Sunday, 24 April 2011


Jeeves was given a spring clean recently, and that must have started something, as we receieved an image from one of the Mini-Jeeves' scattered around the world. Below you can see yet another Swedish mini-Jeeves (build by Mia's parents) going for a invigorating car wash as he is getting ready for the easter holidays.

A-peeling car wash

Mini-Jeeves then got all dolled up, to take part in the easter festivities. The tradition is that you dress up as a little witch and go around giving easter cards to people, hopefully receiving candy or maybe some lovely air-fresheners in exchange. 

Jeeves hanging out with the easter witch and some chicks

Our non-nordic readers might want to notice the snow still in the background. It might be summer here in England, but there are still pockets of snow in the north of Sweden. This trio of little people are off to BlĂ„kulla to have a proper witches easter feast. And as they will of course travel by broom stick, Mini-Jeeves can have a little rest too.

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