Monday, 2 May 2011


It was Friday 29th april, 2011 and declared a bank holiday thanks to the royal wedding.


We hosted a little tea and scones event at our place on Broadway Market in the morning and in the afternoon we decided to take Jeeves for a spin around town to see what was going on.

Darwin enjoying a little indulgence

Jeeves with his Royal bunting

Mia making sure the royal bunting is properly attached

First we went towards Old street and whilst we quickly checked whether the congestion charge was being upheld on this royal occasion, we drove a few times around Old Street round about. Luckily Boris had given us the day off the Congestion charge, so we decided to cruise on into town to see how far we could get before chaos ensued.

Jeeves with Jacqui

We decided to pop into Soho where some friends were having a few drinks on Old Compton street, so we joined them for a lemonade and gave Suzie who had been up all night camping to get a prime position for the wedding, a lift to Charing Cross station for her to get home. Jeeves quite enjoyed having a cab full of people and on this Royal occasion, calling out to friendly revellers on the street was more than acceptable.

Susie, Gary, Scott, Paul, Mia, Jacqui and Jeeves in Soho Square

Here we are in Soho Square where we found a nice spot for Jeeves to park by the mini Tudor house. All in all it was a very fun day out in town. A spontaneous little trip turned into a royal social afternoon.


  1. Hi,

    I know this is a bit off topic, but the posting is labelled as 'adventure'. Anyway I'm planning an adventure next weekend when I pick my taxi up (not got a name yet - this will just develop over time) to take my kids to Twinlakes as it is my middle son's birthday. I am wanting to put a Happy Birthday sign in the two flip-up seats in the rear where the advert once would have gone. If you find the time can you tell me the dimensions I would need the 'poster' to be. Going forwards I would like to put their artwork their too. Can't do that with a Peugeot 807 can you!!

  2. Hey there!

    So sorry for the late response! I hope you had a great weekend with the kids! We made a very rough paper pattern for our fold up seats, ages ago so I just dug it out to check, even though it might be too late for your poster. (Hope you got it anyway!!)

    The pattern (it is a bit rough though) measures 41 cm across and 42 down.

    We had an idea of putting fabric in that space. Your children's gallery space sounds brilliant!